Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

On the road with the Plug and the SPP

Maybe some of you have you noticed on the tout terrain blog, that I (Oliver) am currently touring with Steffi on a mini expedition through Patagonia.

I thought it might be worthwhile for some of you, to get some on the road experiences with the Plug and the Smart Power Pack.
If you travel such a route, there is not always accomodation within the daily cycling distance, so camping is often the only choice (also if there is accomodation). As we plan and route some of the trip with a Garmin Oregon 600 and also use smartphones (e.g. for weather forecast), it is somehow important that we do not run out of power.

The power pack is operated throughout the day as a buffer battery. So while it is been charged by The Plug, it powers the Garmin. This is working absolutely perfect. As we carry on both bikes The Plugs and SPPs, Steffi can charge the second one on her bike and we use that one to recharge the mobile phones.

In evening, we use the SPP on the campground and in the tent. The flashlight is bright enough for reading etc. and does almost drain no power from the battery.

Yesterday, we were riding through a short tunnel, so we used the safety rear light on the SPP, just to get seen by the cars.

If you are a serious touring cyclist it really doesn't take much to use all the smart functions and in combination with The Plug, it really is a great combo.